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Training and competing in bodybuilding is one of the toughest paths and goals for athletes to choose. It’s the same when comes to training people to get results in this field. It’s hard to come across people capable of true performance and is even harder to find those who can actually provide quality training and advice.

Athletes need the top bodybuilding trainers to get in peak shape right before their big appearances. It thus requires expert knowledge, amazing precision and a perfectly customized plan to succeed. In comparing the world’s best personal coaches and trainers, we need to have a look at their own achievements as professional bodybuilders, as well as the titles earned and the competitions won by their clients. Below are some of the biggest names of the sport:

Charles Glass

A competitive athlete starting at a young age, Charles Glass is now an established name as a personal trainer. He’s been working with hundreds of pro athletes to get them in the best shape possible. His biggest strength is identifying what doesn’t work and why sportsmen reach plateaus. He then identifies how to get past these and reach new levels. He is the man to go to for those extra tips that will make a difference, for the innovations that will take you beyond what you thought was the limit.

Dennis James

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A champion himself and Mr. USA, Dennis James appeared in numerous competitions between 1993 and 2012. As he managed to recover from hernia surgery, he is one of those personal trainers who can understand a wide range of issues and handle even the most delicate situations. He’s not shy to go for what he calls “the absolute best condition”. The highly ambitious expert has been inspiring.

George Farah

His own physique speaks volumes about him and his performance. With certifications in personal training and nutrition, George Farah is a pro who is able to get the athletes ready for their biggest competitions. He’s having a great list of stars as his clients, counting Kai Greene, Chandra Coffey, Dayana Cadeau, Jon Delarosa, Marcus Haley, Peter Putnman, Betty Pariso, Amber DeFrancesco, Fred Smalls, Art Atwood and Charles Dixon. What he offers is known as his “guru services”. His training has helped athletes win 6 Arnold Classic titles.

Hany Rambod

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Known as “The Pro Creator”, Rambod is connected to no less that 15 Olympia titles. He also has some relevant degrees and has been consulting with first class athletes across many fitness disciplines. It’s all the more interesting knowing that he started himself as a natural bodybuilder. His select clientele includes Jay Cutler, Phil Heath (4 times crowned Mr. Olympia), Steve Kuclo and Jessica Graham among many other IFBB Pro athletes. The list of titles earned by his clients is also impressive. There are 13 Olympia titles in his bag.

Chris Aceto

Chris Aceto has been coaching champions and that is enough said. He has worked with legendary bodybuilders, including Rich Gaspari, Paul DeMayo and even Jay Cutler. A true expert in the industry, he is capable to do the fine tuning work that defines a champion. Nowadays, he is also behind the Muscletech supplement brand, supporting the research efforts. Therefore, Chris Aceto has top knowledge in sports nutrition as well. His approach has always relied on personalization. No client was trained the same way as the other.

It’s hard to tell who is the number one authority in this sport! They all cater to different athletes and have various approaches to achieving success.

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