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Top Fitness Star To Follow On Youtube


Nothing compares to a solid dose of motivation you get from fitness stars, who made it. They know the secrets of the trade and, rightfully, they have a strong following. This is because they go beyond the basic tips and bring the theory to practice. They’ve tested it the hard way and can tell you what works, how and how long it takes. Below you can check some of the top fitness stars with Youtube channels that are being worshiped by enthusiasts:

Omar Isuf

Not only that Omar Isuf has been making very rapid progress with impressive results from year to year, but he’s actually committed to a 100% natural body transformation. He offers his tips and guidance in his book called ‘The Bulgarian Manual’, where he details the Bulgarian Method. This is recognized as an ideal long term solution for mass gains and has helped legendary bodybuilders break records.


Welcome to the spinoff of the PhysiqueOfGreatness Youtube channel, starring the famous Chris Jones. This is also known as The Beastmode Training channel. Perhaps the most valuable aspect is that it reveals the mind – muscle connection, which is at the core of successful bodybuilding. Chris Jones coaches and offers insight on routines and meal plans, too. His gym videos explain each process in a manner that makes it simple to understand. He makes it all sound so easy and you are simply ready to go start your gym routine. His great merit is that he makes the viewers see the small differences when making moves in a certain way, pointing out the variations.

Raymon QueridoNatural Pro Raymond Querido

The Online Coach creator Raymon Querido is yet another star who’s inspiring through his natural muscle building approach. He goes at a deeper level by advancing the “esoteric motivation” concept. He found his balance through flexible dieting and is able to help pro athletes and fitness rookies alike. He is focused on nutrition science because this has been the biggest challenge in his career. He can make you reach your goals whether it’s bulking or cutting time. Raymond is one of the few ones out there who also insist on precision and accuracy. Besides his videos and personal coaching, he wrote a book titled ‘Flexible Dieting’ for weight loss through eating. That alone should spark one’s interest to watch him and understand his methods.

Dana Linn Bailey

Dana Linn was fueled by her own desire to overcome her low confidence levels and eventually got to be one of the most confident women in fitness and bodybuilding. Her videos became viral and she now has a huge social media following. Educated in Nutrition and Kinesiology, Dana also has a very diverse athletic background. In her training she is mixing bodybuilding with power lifting. In 2006, she started to compete in figure and later she started being counted among among the IFBB Pros. She was actually the first women ever to win the IFBB Pro card.

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