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Top Mass Building Tricep Workout


A set of big strong arms add a lot of allure to a physique. When it comes to judging strength by appearance, it is the guy with the herculean arms that will be singled out every time. Its therefore unsurprising that the arms are one of the most frequently worked out body parts.

Bulging biceps that are good, but horseshoe triceps are even better. Triceps are actually the larger muscle group because there are three of them. If your goal is to have the most outstanding arms, you have to give more attention to your triceps. When you intensively train them, you will consequently increase your ability to execute more push exercises. In other words, if you really want to have some shirt-popping pecs, you will need to work on your triceps first.

Tricep Exercises

Thankfully, there is an entire array of exercises that will phenomenally increase the size of your triceps. The best among these are:

Close Grip Bench Press


This routine is executed in the same way as a chest press with the only difference being the placement of the grip. Your palms need to be close enough to touch. This shifts the work from the pectorals to the triceps. Needless to say, you need to use a lighter weight than you would in a bench press. The weight should be lowered to diaphragm level and then pushed back up to make up one rep.

Weighted Tricep Dips


Tricep dips are great because they involve the pectorals as well, and can be performed at home. For real growth, they need to be weighted. Adding weights is as easy as placing a weight plate on your laps. The challenge is greater when your feet are in an elevated position. It’s important that you go as low as possible, hold the pause for a second or two before coming back up.

Tricep Cable Pushdowns


Unarguably the most popular triceps exercise, tricep cable pushdowns are incredibly easy to execute. Proper form is critical to getting the most of the exercise. Your elbows should be locked close to your torso and shouldn’t move at all. Hold the pause for a moment when you lower the weight and retain control of it when you bring it back up. Alternating a bar and a rope will change the nature of your grip and enable you hit the triceps from a different angle.

With these three exercises, you will be able to carve out that striated horseshoe over time.

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