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Training Abs – With or Without Weight?


Bro science will leave you fascinated. There are voices saying that you can reveal a fabulous six-pack without using any equipment. Could this be real? What do the big guys say about it? Many beginners feel unsure of how to go about having a well-sculpted abdomen. The diet does matter, it’s about half of your entire strategy of building abs. Still, as you shed off the fat and reveal the muscle underneath, this needs to have some volume in itself.

The big question is: exercise with or without weights? What works best? The matter can be downright confusing, especially as Arnold Schwarzenegger himself said that abs shouldn’t be worked out with weights. However, he was one to go for a different esthetic than what we see nowadays. Pick your desired image and go for the advice of the one who represents it best.

You will need to know a few things, though. Your abs, just like any other muscles, are made to grow as you increase the difficulty of your training. If you use weights, they will grow bigger. It’s the same rule that’s valid everywhere. There is no reason why you wouldn’t treat them as any other muscle group. Also, remember that these are made to be strong. They aren’t so easy to tear and damage. Therefore, you can certainly demand more of them.

Simply doing crunches has never increased the size of abs. It takes a lot more than that. Whoever has good looking abs and claims it’s because of that has probably done core exercises and didn’t realize the impact these have on your abdominal muscles. This core training is actually the secret to sculpting perfect forms in that area. You may aim at having 10 to 15 reps each time. Do sit ups with weights, planks with a weight on your back, also leg lifts with weights to see quicker results. Also, rope pull downs will be excellent, as hanging leg raisers and side crunches. Lower core exercises with no weights will still be good. Unweighted is still very appropriate, but one cannot fully rely on this approach.

Keep in mind that these are thin muscles and will not grow as much as the rest on your body. You cannot expect the same growth in volume for the same amount or intensity of training. Knowing these differences will save you from a lot of frustration. What is sure is that you will have to intensify the training.

The essence of it all is to not focus just on the abs, but on the entire core. It’s the method advocated by today’s biggest stars in the industry. Last but not least, eliminate the fat on your belly, so that your abs can show. It’s the cutting period that gets to truly reveal one’s six-pack. You will need to be careful though; skipping meals, doing too much cardio etc. will not only melt your fat layer, but also get you in a catabolic state that makes you lose muscle mass.

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