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How often you wanted to dive into the wonderfully varied natural supplement online market but stopped because of a lack of trust? The web makes any supplement available that you can sometimes order for the smallest prices. However, not all stores sell good quality or genuine ones. It’s time you dodged the fakes, got what you really want and paid a fair price.

It’s easy to fake a well-known brand and trick customers into buying from your store. To be a satisfied customer at all times, you have to know the safe stores, the best supply points that will never let you down. A good supplement store is one that offers a wide range of products, makes it easy for users to search specific products and order them. Also, shipping needs to be quick and the overall costs are expected to be convenient. Therefore, quality is defined by these multiple factors. From the online stores thoroughly tested so far, three have scored very well:


Few online supplement stores are as well organized and easy to use as iHerb. As the name suggests, this is a specialty store based on natural herb supplements. The team behind it seems to be dedicated and put a lot of genuine passion into this business. Consumer Lab named it the #1 supplement store on the web for no less than 6 years in a row (2008 – 2013). The iHerb store supplies products for health and beauty, along with trial items and free samples. It’s got decent shipping times and a most satisfying range of products. The listing and the depictions are all very clear and relevant.

Go to iHerb online store.


NutriFirst became an established brand thanks to its early start, when there was hardly any competition on the market. It quickly became a pioneering portal and a leader in sports nutrition. Based in Singapore, this large online supplement store lets you browse by brand or by category. Thus, it’s easy to get the supplement you are interested in. It has a truly wide range of sports and health supplements – over 800 different products, including protein powders and other products for bodybuilders. Besides, it’s got many discounted items, accessible on a special discounts page. It is possible to buy using promo codes or coupons to lower the prices. The ordering system is efficient and you can acquire large quantities, as the store supplies with big packages.

Go to NutriFirst online store.


Although it is a market for fake supplements as well, Amazon stays one of the best places to buy original, effective and affordable supplements of all kinds. Thanks to its feedback system, it provides most useful reviews from real buyers, based on which one can easily choose. Amazon is user friendly and its worldwide popularity recommends it. As long as you know what you’re going for and how to distinguish between fake and real products, you’ve got a trustworthy supplier.

Go to Amazon online store.

It is perfectly possible that there are other trusted suppliers as well, but those are not yet as complete, nor as thoroughly verified as the ones presented here.

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