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Types of Artificial Sweeteners


Sugar – It is carbs that provide energy for the body. 100g of sugar contains 100g of carbs.

Aspartame – 200x sweeter than sugar. Used in candies, supplements & baked goods. It’s sweetness taste last longer than sugar.

Stevia – 400x sweeter than sugar. As it extracted from Stevia leaves, it’s marketed as ‘natural’ sweeteners.

Sucralose – 600x sweeter than sugar. Used in products requiring longer shelf life such as canned items, found in more than 4500+ products.

Saccharin – 700x sweeter than sugar. Usually used with Aspartame in diet carbonated soft drink, to compensate other sweeteners weakness

Neotame – 13000x sweeter than sugar. Has a clean taste. The only artificial sweetener ranked ‘safe’ by Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Artificial sweeteners are hundreds and thousands of times sweeter than sugar.

When consumed in such tiny amounts the calories consumed are negligible and this theoretically it should help with weight loss and prevention of diseases associated with obesity.

But how much is safe to consume is still debatable and still being researched.

While American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association recommends artificial sweeteners to be used judiciously, I recommend if you have a sweet craving, satisfy it with a serving of fruit.

Instead of using artificial sweeteners, why not reduce your sugar intake?

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