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Waking up in the middle of the night – Should I pee, or hold it and go back to sleep


Sleep is so precious to many of us, especially since we seem to catch so little of it after trying to pack in maximum things into a single day. From work to exercise, socializing to running errands, handling house chores to several other duties, responsibilities and even activities (maybe to unwind) make us tired and we need to sleep.

The importance of sleep

Sleep is important to relax after a tedious day and for the body to carry out its various repair functions, thus recharging it to face the same hectic routine day after day. Sleeping at a stretch helps the body to carry out detoxification of the various waste toxins and energize the cells and in general to rest and rejuvenate.

Walking up to pee, disturbing sleep

What if this sleep is disturbed by the urge to use the washroom in the middle of the night? It is quite normal to feel like urinating in the middle of the night and it is equally alright to go and relieve oneself else the pressure might not let you sleep well. The urge to urinate in the night heightens if you have had a late dinner or drank quite a lot of fluids before sleeping.

Waking up in the middle of the night can be irksome. It might seem like a task to get out of bed to relieve yourself and post that too your sleep might be disturbed. You might find the idea of holding the pee till morning as a tempting idea but it is definitely not a good idea.

Negative effects of holding urine for long

Holding the urine for a long period of time can lead to urinary tract infections or even infections of the bladder because of the body being exposed to bacteria. Also, the body’s bladder has a capacity to hold approximately half a liter of urine. The sphincter muscles of the bladder are trained to retain the urine if we decide not to go to the loo once. But if we hold the urine regularly for long periods of time, the bladder muscles become weak and can lead to a condition where the bladder is never completely emptied.

Also, the toxins to be discarded with the urine may find a way back into the body with negative effects. Also, weak bladders might later even lead to urine incontinence which could be an embarrassing condition.

The way out to enjoy undisturbed sleep

It is therefore recommended not to hold the urge to urinate, while you can learn of ways to minimize the urge by limiting drinking fluids before going to bed.

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