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Weight Loss vs Fat Loss


Now that we’re putting the two terms together for comparison – aren’t you a little confused? You’re overweight and willing to do anything it takes to get rid of that extra weight, or fat. Of course, technically it’s the fat you want to melt. Then why are we talking about the two as two separate matters?

Are you losing weight in the right way?

It is because, when you start weight loss protocols, you may end up losing more than just fat; you could begin to lose muscle mass. This is something that the vast majority of people don’t want to get to. Harsh diets especially can lead to muscle loss. If you starve yourself or deplete the body of nutrients, you’re not only burning stored fat. The body starts using up nutrients from its own muscle, thus diminishing their size. The scales show you have lost weight, yet you’re not looking as you would have hoped to.

Aim for fat loss

It’s fat loss you should be aiming for. It means burning that adipose tissue that covers your muscles. Don’t just weight yourself and rejoice when the number is lower, that is not a good indicator. Instead, focus on the activities and protocols that melt the fat away while preserving your muscles. Also, weighing yourself can show different, unreliable results throughout the day, or depending on your habits. For example, at certain times you may be retaining more water. Or, you could be holding in your stools for several days. In other cases, one’s bones are heavier and therefore they weight more than they should.

The best ways to lose fat

The two best ways to lose fat is through a healthy diet low in carbohydrates and through exercise. If you eat more protein, the muscles have more nourishment to grow on. In addition, you need to engage in strength training. Lifting weights will transform what you eat into muscular mass instead of fat. If you want to slim down by lowering your adipose layer, you should also do cardio frequently. Although cardio may sound very tempting, you must not exaggerate. Too much of it will eventually diminish your muscular mass. The best method is to combine strength training with cardio exercise.

Rely on bodily fat measurements instead of the weight scale. Here is a very good indicator: your waist. When its circumference goes down, you’re losing fat. However, with strength training, you may see your arms and legs increase in size. It is because you’re building muscle, which is also denser and thus heavier.

As you can see, losing weight is a more complicated matter than initially thought and many misconceptions surround it. Eventually, you have to develop a keen sense of your body and watch the transformations in terms of both muscular mass and fat layers.

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