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Take Your Training To The Next Level With Weighted Vest


In general, added weights represent the best way to push your muscles into growing. When you have this weight really close to your body, the effect is surprising. For this reason, weighted vests were invented. One such piece of equipment improves your athletic skills and helps you achieve superior results. It will get you ripped quicker but it will also boost your training speed.

Role of a weight vests in your exercise regime

With a weight vest every exercise will become harder to perform. This means a new level of difficulty, but also new horizons for you. It will get you to cross the usual limits and go beyond your ordinary level of performance. With the added weight, your muscles work harder, the contractions are stronger and you become more ripped.

Doing exercises with a weight vest

Weighted vests are excellent for cardio sessions. You can run with the vest on, but you may also try sit ups, push/pull ups and so on. Exercises that normally seemed very easy to do are now quite a challenge, so go for it. You may even wear it when you’re at the elliptical machine. Being heavy will mean that your body will get to burn a greater number of calories. As you put the vest on and start exercising, more muscle fibers become active. The body’s response is stronger. This translates into superior gains.

The vest also looks great and will make you feel awesome as you exercise, given that it’s a perfect fit. Start working on your core with the vest on, it’s highly recommended. This intense core training will have so many benefits and will provide the extra strength you need in order to get further.

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Things to remember while buying a weight vest

Weight vests are not all the same, so be careful what you purchase. A good one is adjustable and ensures a very good fit. It needs to stay very close to your body. Also, it should allow you to add/remove weights as desired. Thus, you may work with this progressively and not exhaust or injure yourself from the beginning.

If you are uncertain about what to buy, have a look at weighted vests reviews online. You can compare the different models and understand which one would suit you best. As a general advice, always choose the one that has the most (useful) features and is most adjustable – in terms of weight and size alike. Pay attention to the fabric as well; you wouldn’t want it to cause excessive sweat or not deal with moisture properly.

Are there any safety measures to be known while using a weight vest?


Using a vest comes with a few warnings. Don’t wear it at all times. Because it can be up to 20% of your weight, the vest should be worn for a short while only, like 20 minutes. Having it on for too long would mean too much pressure on your joints and this can have a negative impact on your health and exercise capacity. Start lightly and then work your way through by adding more and more weight and by lengthening your workouts.

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