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What A Personal Trainer Can’t Do For You


Personal trainers at the gym can be of great help when your will or motivation is weak. They can correct anything you’re doing wrong, from dieting to exercising and recovery, to eliminate anything that’s inefficient. They are also the ones to make the smart suggestions because they’ve seen so much more and probably have a relevant degree, too. Where does the help end though and what is that a personal trainer can’t do for you?

Personal trainers cannot “fix” people

If you want to train but keep on postponing, procrastinating or completely avoiding/rejecting a certain diet or exercise, failing to make the needed lifestyle changes, then your personal trainer can’t do anything for you. They may get involved and try to push you harder, talking it out and offering you reason after reason to do what they suggest. Yet, you need to feel the need of change inside and to get yourself to do whatever is necessary.

Beware of your own issues

It’s best to become aware of your own issues. You cannot expect your coach to fix everything. They will observe you and give you personalized advice but cannot become your psychologist or therapist. They have their own limits and, should you fail to bring yourself to succeed, they may take it as a personal failure, by default.

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Help your personal trainers know your health conditions

Also, a personal trainer won’t be able to magically see what is going on inside your body. To make it all more efficient, you need to provide them with as much information as you can. Do blood tests and go to doctors before you begin any training, so that you uncover anything that may be going wring inside your body. Underlying conditions may seriously affect your training. If your gym coach knows nothing about that, they can’t do much for you. It will be your fault because you are supposed to inform them.

Knowing self is the key to success in bodybuilding

In the end, going to a gym and hiring a personal trainer doesn’t simply make you ready to train. It’s unbelievable how many people make this mistake. They join a gym and sign up for one-on-one training, hoping that it will instantly take them to the level they could never reach alone. Usually, they lack all motivation and inner strength, but they somehow hope the trainer will make it all work. They think that they signed up for the magic formula. Instead, what happens is that the coach can only do this much: teach you and arm you with the knowledge you need, making adequate suggestions and observations as you go, for improvement.

When you are a rookie in the world of fitness or bodybuilding, the first thing you must to is a self-analysis or self-assessment. You cannot expect everything from the other. Their job has its limits and you must make sure you know yourself well enough before you commit – know your health, your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, financial possibilities, level of motivation and so on. Without you being aware of these, you can’t obtain maximum satisfaction with personal training, if any.

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