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What is a Triset


Trisets represent a type of exercises. You will also encounter these as ‘tri sets’ or ‘tri-sets’. These are as easy as 1-2-3 and are employed for muscle growth.

Bodybuilders like to see trisets as supersets. They make these out of 3 different exercises one after the other. The transition must be quick in order to have an actual triset. There are no specific exercises to be mentioned here. The types are genuinely flexible. Trisets simply represent a training principle. Once you get the idea, you’re free to experiment and mix these however you like. What you need to focus on is a specific body part. Then, pick 3 different exercises and do these within a single set.

This method is fantastic when you have hit a plateau and just don’t see any more results from what you are doing at the gym. It even feels useless to keep going. That’s when you need trisets. They will help you kick out of that stage and pump your muscles further.

You should carefully consider the weights and the strength you are using doing these 3 exercises. You don’t want to run out of energy before the end of the triset. Thus, it is recommended to use between 40% and 60% of what you consider the maximum weight.


As for the reps, count 12 for each exercise. It will feel very heavy indeed, which is why you have to pay attention to how you control the strength and the weight. Once the triset is done, you may do some stretching, drink a few sips and wait for one minute until you begin again.

Here is one example of triset for the biceps: do 12 barbell curls, then 12 preacher curls and 12 dumbbell curs standing. For the chest, you could do bench presses, followed by pec decks and incline bench presses. Of course, you may vary according to the equipment that is available. It isn’t compulsory to have 12 reps though, it could as well be 10.

Do not attempt at making this a rule to your training. Exercising this way is sure to hurt at some point – and that point comes soon enough. Use trisets rather scarcely. However, once you ‘hit the wall’, don’t hesitate and incorporate this method into your regimen. Remember to always have all 3 exercises target the same muscle or muscle group, otherwise it will not make sense and won’t yield any results.

Bear in mind that the triset method is more suitable to the seasoned bodybuilders, who have already been building muscle for some time. It is not to be tried by newcomers, as it’s a high intensity training strategy. The burns it triggers are important. Athletes prefer to use these when targeting the back muscles, the legs or calves, the shoulders, chest, the biceps and triceps.

There is another advantage to this: working with trisets will get to shorten your training time, so it’s a good approach when you aim for short sessions.

I recommend you to read “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding The Bible of Bodybuilding” by Arnold Schwarzenegger for more weight training secrets.

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