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What is Butt Wink


They say that avoiding butt wink will get you to squat deeper. Also, they say the wink can be harmful to your body. Is there any research to back these claims? What can you do to improve your squatting?

What exactly is butt wink?

Butt wink occurs when you reach the bottom of the squat. Lifters often blame this for low lift reps and even complain of back injury. When you attempt to go full depth, you often make this little mistake with potentially big unwanted consequences. It’s when your pelvis slips and rotates backwards. This move of your posterior can harm your lower back.

Why is it bad?

Arching your back is never good when you perform squats. Therefore, you shouldn’t let yourself have that position, not even at the end of a squat. The back squat is a complex movement and it involves very heavy weights. The pressure on your lower back can be too much and the movement can harm your lumbar disks.

How to prevent it?

It’s really important to learn how to avoid butt wink, not only because you will avoid injury, but also because it will allow you to do deep and correct squats.

  • When you bear a load over your back, it’s best to keep your spine neutral. However, it can still be slightly convex or concave. Sometimes you can’t help it because that’s your built.
  • Get as much expert feedback as you can and try to watch plenty of good back squat videos, because the differences between a good and a bad positions are very subtle.
  • To get to improve your squats, you will actually have to work on your mobility. The more flexible your hips are, the better you will be at it.
  • You can also control the hip movement if you adjust the gap between your feet – whether wider or narrower.
  • Ankle mobility may also have an impact. Work on it to truly unlock your potential – you’ll see the difference.
  • See where your knees are in relation to your toes. Try to bring your knees over these to make squatting safer.

Why overarching doesn’t work?

Some people try to correct butt wink by overarching their backs. Thus, when they attempt to go full depth, as the back curbs and the pelvis is pushed out, the overarch will compensate for it. It doesn’t really work like you want it to and it can be harmful. It’s better to keep your abs tight and squeeze the glutes. Use this for the setup, then loosen the same muscles as you begin to squat. The pelvis will tilt forward. It gets better the more your practice the movement. In fact, this helps more than any assistance exercise would.

Don’t let the ego drive you as you squat. Don’t go for the full depth, not before you’ve improved your technique. You might even have to lower the eights to be able to learn the movement properly.

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