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What Is This “Dad Bod” Craze and Is It Healthy?


The Internet (at least parts of it) is saying the “dad bod” is the latest trend when it comes to male physique. What does it really stand for? It’s not that hard to guess. It’s not the perfectly sculpted body of 20 or 30-year old going to the gym at least for 3 days a week. It’s got chest hair and a bit of a beer belly. It’s got some fat here and there.

The dad bod

The “original dad bod” is said to be not exactly your typical couch potato, but a well balanced mix between a regular male’s physique and a gym goer or fitness enthusiast. The concept and the trend have got some very interesting psychology behind them. While it may not be the Greek god type of body, it is often very attractive to women and here’s why.

It is for common men

We’re talking here about the middle aged man who’s busy with his job, as well as with raising kids. He goes to have a gym workout too whenever he has the time. He’s doing his best to look good and manly, but does not devote his every free minute to lifting weights and reading fitness magazines. He is the man who’s maintaining a perfect balance between work life, family and hobbies. This should never be mistaken with the aforementioned couch potato.

Why women prefer dad bod?

The dad bod is also the safer option for many women nowadays. Females who cannot devote their entire time to perfecting their bodies or who have certain insecurities are feeling better in the presence of a man sporting this body type. It’s a comfort when someone’s own body image is less than perfection.

Will it look good?

How exactly a dad bod looks is debatable and can differ widely. This is why it can be hard to tell whether it’s actually healthy to have or not. Ultimately, it’s about what you were born to be. Some people are fit and healthy at a higher body weight/fat percentage, while others are at their best when skinny. Balance should be the key term here. It’s OK to have a bit of a belly instead of flawless abs. However, when you have a huge, sagging abdomen, it may not create the same effect. The same is valid for arms and chest.

Having a dad body on the attractive side is something you achieve while leading a regular yet balanced life. You’re active, you pay attention to what you eat, but you’re not obsessing over it. You have hobbies and perhaps you involve sports in your life too, such as jogging, running, cycling, football, weight lifting, tennis etc. Do not believe that this is what (all) women truly want. It is rather what they settle for when they have low self esteem or have all sorts of misconceptions about the men who work out a lot and look ripped. Most times, women simply believe such guys would be too hard to get or high maintenance.


As final word, don’t set for anything that is not aligned with your goals. Workout as little or as much as you like – it’s all good as long as you still commit to a form of physical exercise.

Your fitness pal



  1. That’s not the only reason women like Dad Bod. Firstly, Dad Bod is anything less than a perfectly cut ripped bod. SO having a gut or not perfectly sculpted muscles shows that instead of religiously tending to your body, you’re living your life. Maybe one month you feel like working out a lot, maybe the next you don’t. Narcissism is the least attractive thing in a man, so if a man is obsessed with his own image, it makes him: a. all about him, and b. quite boring and shallow (ALWAYS at the gym/superficial goals). You can be fit and have Dad Bod, it’s all about how you feel instead of how you look. Also, a lot of women are dating Dad Bods because most guys have Dad Bods. So if you fall in love with a man, you fall in love with him for who he is for REAL, not some perfect form he could be.


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