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What Is PowerBuilding?


Bodybuilding and powerlifing are two very different arts. While bodybuilders focus on achieving muscular size and symmetry, powerlifters concentrate of developing power. It is thought that powerlifters typify a functional physique. They have thicker midsections that can enable them move ungodly weights. When it comes to sheer lifting power, they eclipse even the best bodybuilders. But must you sacrifice size for power when you want both? Not necessarily, because there is this wonderful thing called powerbuilding?

What is it?

Powerbuilding is, simply put, the marriage between bodybuilding and powerlifing. Unlike bodybuilding that emphasizes split routines and venerates carefully planned isolation movements, powerlifting chooses the less travelled path of compound movements. Isolated movements are tossed in the back seat.

Characteristics of Powerbuilding

Powerbuilding requires longer rests. The goal is not strictly muscular hypetrophy. It becomes more important to take longer pauses to ensure oxygen is adequately supplied to the muscles.

Diet restrictions are disregarded. It becomes more important to achieve a caloric surplus every day. Because of this, body fat measurements are similarly overlooked. If anything, putting on just a little body fat is desirable, since it offers one more layer of protection for your organs. Fret not because you can still have that toned look with a set of visible abs.

It is important to ensure you first have a balanced physique. The first step of powerbuilding is actually bodybuilding. It helps you address those deficiencies in your arms, back or legs. By ensuring these parts of the whole are symmetrically built, you will have an easier time upgrading to larger weights. Besides, bodybuilding ensures that you master good form before you inevitably increase your volume.

Most powerbuilding exercises are compound movements. A typical routine will have military presses, deadlifts, bent over rows, chin-ups, squats and lunges, bench presses and weighted dips. While isolation movements play second fiddle, they should not be ignored completely. They should be used to hit those parts that might not be sufficiently challenged by compound exercises. After all, how can you really master the benchpress if you do not to give your triceps special attention?

It is important that you maintain a good degree of flexibility. Incorporating exercises that increase the range of motion of your different muscles will make your muscles more functional. In addition, it will ensure you prevent injuring your joints.

Powerbuilding will not give you the physique of a powerlifter- on the contrary. It will give you a nicely balanced physique, but with more significant gains in strength. If you approach it with an open mind, and warm yourself up to the challenge, you will discover that it is more rewarding than standalone bodybuilding.

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