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What Is Supplement Stacking


As soon as you open yourself up to the idea of supplementing, a whole new world of gains opens up to you. Supplements create a critical nutritional bridge that helps you get closer to your bodybuilding goals. Besides, it is widely accepted that taking more dietary protein helps with muscle building. Supplements present the easiest way to meet these additional requirements conveniently.

The Art of Stacking

When you try out different supplements, you start beginning the unique benefits of each. What happens when you want to experience these benefits together?

Supplement stacking is basically the combined use of different supplements to get a synergistic effect. These stacks feature supplements that together promote endurance and recovery as well as increase energy. The nature of your stack is dependent on your end goals. You can stack as part of your basic health routine, to stimulate fat loss or to build more lean muscle. The synergistic effect of each stack is entirely dependent on how well-thought out the combination is.

To give you some perspective, the stack for a person looking to build muscle should include a creatine and NO pre-workout supplement, and a protein/ carb supplement for post workout recovery and casein before bed. A fat loss stack should include a thermogenic supplement as well as a protein product.

There is no optimal time to start stacking your supplements. Beginners and experienced lifters can all take part. However comprehensive stacks that contain many varied supplements are recommended to experienced lifters only as their physiques have more elaborate demands. Novice lifters only need whey and casein and multivitamin stack to get started.

Stacking Tips

Stacking is an art that you should demystify as you gain training experience. As you get more acquainted with your body, you’ll be able to easily establish what supplement it needs. That said, here are some tips you can use while creating your ideal stack.

  • Adding whey to casein will offer you a blend of fast and slow-releasing protein supplement that will support muscle protein synthesis. This stack is ideal as a post-workout shake.
  • Including a complex carbohydrate supplement to your pre and post-workout shake will ensure you get a continuous supply of energy to fuel your workout and restock your glycogen stores after. Carbohydrates also help in the transportation of nutrients to muscle cells.
  • Adding a NO product to your pre-workout shake will help you get a better pump for your workout and increase your focus.

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