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What Is Synthol And Why Are Bodybuilders Using It?


Synthol is usually what’s to blame for obvious and visually irritating disproportion in a bodybuilder’s physique. This is because it’s sometimes excessively used to grow specific muscle groups.

What is Synthol?

Synthol can be ordered online and it’s completely legal. Experts call it site enhancement oil. It is not similar to steroids, like many people think, but is made of mainly oil plus lidocaine and alcohol. This mixture is injected into muscles that need to be bigger for, let’s say, a contest. The effect is instant.

Use of Synthol in bodybuilding

Professional bodybuilders use it sparingly to enhance their weak points. Those who use it extensively tend to have a deformed perception of reality. They use this extensively because they exaggerate their flaws; they have severe body image issues. Synthol is put to good use when you are lifting hard but certain body parts or muscles simply don’t seem to respond as expected. Then, this little trick will repair what’s lagging. Fitness models and bodybuilders resort to synthol only to cover small flaws.

South American countries are currently dealing with a rampant use of synthol as a means to achieve the desired look instantly. Besides, this method does not even require one to lift hard and push for actual gains. Most frequently, synthol hides a lack of proper training and this is counter-productive when the one using it goes into any kind of competition that calls for muscle strength. It is the lazy solution to people who are only concerned with bulkiness.

Is it fine to use Synthol?

Also, using synthol is not always the best solution when you want to look ripped. When you inject the substance into your body and it pumps up your muscles, if you have any amount of fat, it will not give you that ripped look. Being shredded is a matter of lean mass, which means you need to melt all that fat away. Apart from this, natural muscle growth can in no way compare to artificial pumping. Muscles are not like balloons.

So what happens when you inject synthol? Your muscular tissue is pumped up but much like a sponge. There is no real consistency and the muscles feel soft. Apart from this, it can have deeper, more serious effects. You might never be able to restore your body to a decent shape. The deformities tend to last. The most common issue for synthol users is infection caused by frequent injecting. This risk needs to be taken seriously, as it can be life threatening.


All in all, it is a very bad idea to try to achieve a strong man/ bodybuilder look using synthol. Not only that you’re cheating, but your body will never have those aesthetic proportions and harmonious lines. In fact, the results are often laughable. Google ‘synthol’ and have a look at the images in order to see what it can lead to. You may feel tempted to still give it a try but be careful – seeing the instant results it triggers may cause a sort of addiction. After all, this is how its abusers got to such ridiculous monstrous shapes.

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