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What Not To Do When You Are In The Gym


Gyms may be informal, relaxed places, but this doesn’t mean there is no etiquette. Actually, some gestures and attitudes can annoy everyone around, including the gym staff. There are mistakes which affect your own training efficiency, your connections with the other members or affect their training.

Long Chats

You have to control your chatty behavior. Gyms are good for like-minded people to meet, individuals who share similar goals and lifestyles, but remember that each of you is there to work out. Wasting the precious training time also means wasting money. Each member has paid a fee which isn’t always cheap, so they want to make the most of it, not to mention that a long chat is compromising training quality.

Objectifying other gym members

Whether it’s about men ogling women in tight clothing bending over and sweating or about women objectifying men with big muscular mass, it’s plain wrong to do. It’s better to be a discreet presence when at the gym. You’re not there to drool at others or to express your sexuality. If you admire their physique, you could simply tell them in a friendly and elegant manner, along with giving them a hand shake or a pat on the back. Do not make any hints or unnecessary comments besides what’s strictly related to training.

Being careless with the machines

Fitness machines belong to all members. Don’t claim these as yours. Also, remind yourself to wipe off the sweat once you’re done with your workout. Whoever is after you will feel grossed out. The best way is to prevent sweat from reaching the machine body by placing a towel. In case you fail to do this, you should wipe it afterward.

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Being careless with the weights

It’s obvious you will have to place these right where you found them after you’ve finished. Also, one terrible mistake of careless gym goers is dropping the weights. This makes a loud and very annoying sound, disrupting the other’s activity. It causes vibrations, too.

Acting as superior to others

It’s shockingly easy for some individuals to feel superior to others at the gym. Their pumped up muscles make them feel entitled and definitely better than the newbies. Also, some may laugh at women struggling to get some muscle volume. There is no reason to be mean to other gym members. Each comes with their own goals and these may be largely different. There are different body types as well.

Being 100% certain of the given advice

It’s good if you can help other by sharing knowledge and making suggestions, but it’s exaggerated if you’re completely, 100% sure about the advice you give. What works for you may not work for another, so don’t force them to go your way. Besides, they may have certain conditions that you don’t know. You can’t be a know-it-all, so don’t act like one.

Besides these, there are other simple rules that can be put as follows:

  • Don’t wait for equipment
  • Don’t be stubborn about your routine
  • Avoid using your mobile phone
  • Don’t use only the machines
  • Don’t train too hard to impress
  • Avoid grunting too much or too loudly

Once you’ve learned these and merged them with the other common-sense, good behavior rules that are valid anywhere, you become a pleasant, respectful presence at the gym.

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