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What Zyzz Has Taught Us


With a legacy that has endured close to three years after his passing, Aziz continues to be an all important inspiration to young would-be bodybuilders. His is the story that has inspired millions, and many more continue to speak of his legend.

Humble Beginnings

Born Aziz Shavershian in Moscow, Zyzz did not always have that glorified physique. He was skinny and just another face in the crowd. It was until his older brother started making some credible gains in the gym that he first got interested in bodybuilding.

He began lifting weight and committed himself to learning everything there is to about strength training. After four years, he stepped out of the shadows and his life truly began.

His ideal was that of aesthetics, and he embodied this in the way he approached his training. It became a part of him, and though he loved the attention it was getting him, bodybuilding was more than a passing pleasure. It was his reason for being, and he basked in the glory that it brought him.

Zyzz Shreddedshian

He became Zyzz Shreddedshian, and his adoring fanbase catapulted his popularity way beyond his home country of Australia. With his bold poses and lively approach to the sport of bodybuilding, Zyzz became somewhat of an internet obsession. He grew into his own brand, and preached the gospel of fitness as his success grew. Social media played such a catalytic role in making him the internet celebrity that we remember him by.

He was not without flaws though. His use of steroids was hotly debated, and his party-boy lifestyle attracted a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, he lived his life by doing what he loved most, and this is one of the lessons he left us with.

His Legacy

Zyzz believed that your life should always be interesting. That you should eschew the idea of working in a job that you hate, and instead, embrace the things you love regardless of what other people say.

He believed in training hard. He believed that working out should be self-motivated, and the end goal should not be to please others, but rather, to please oneself. He however accepted the glory that followed having such a defined physique and asserted that being different is the one true gift you can give yourself.

“When I go somewhere with thousands of people, almost all of them will remember who I am when it is over and I didn’t even have to say a word.”

He lived by a mantra that was tattooed across his chest Veni Vidi VIci- I came, I saw, I conquered. He did all that and became the subculture of the bodybuilding facet that is now known as aesthetics.

He taught that bodybuilding should be taken as seriously as a religion.

“Shreddology, the belief that the transcendence of life into heaven is achieved at 6% body fat. A complete euphoria and sense of accomplishment overcomes the shredder, entering almost surpassing the majestic boundaries of human emotion.”

The curtain might have fallen on him, but his beliefs, lessons and legacy live on.

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