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When Do I Need A Lifting Strap


A common accessory worn by heavy lifters is the lifting strap, tightly wrapped and secured around their hands and wrists. There are three great reasons why you should wear a lifting strap – see below when, how and why.

1. When you need to improve your grip

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Your hands may not always adhere too well to every gym equipment you use. Usually, it’s the sweat that stands in your way and cancels the necessary friction between the two surfaces. Other times, the material simply does not allow you to have a good grip – ether it is slippery by nature or it has become so, due to very frequent use. Such situations are out of your control and it isn’t much you can do. Besides, the heavier the load, the harder it becomes to master it with your bare hands. You don’t want to risk injuries by letting the weights slip or by performing the movements incorrectly. A good grip is essential and lifting straps definitely help you here.

2. When you lift really heavy items

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As described above, heavy loads require superior skills and grip. When you lift a bar above your head, you must be sure that you can hold it there and bring it back to its original position, without any slips or errors. As you wrap the straps around your wrists and, as the smart guys do, secure the other end to the bar, you’re making sure that everything stays in place. This takes away the anxiety and you can perform unhindered. Soon you will notice that you can increase the load without problems. The best kind of straps for such exercises is the longest one you can find.

3. When you need to protect your wrists

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This is a top concern of lifters everywhere. Heavy loads put an immense pressure on the joints and all their fragile ligaments. At whichever level of training you may be, using protection straps is compulsory. These will offer you the much-needed support when performing risky moves and lift heavy weights. After all, wrists are weak in comparison to joints, like the knees or the shoulders. If you’re wrapping straps around them, you keep your bones in a good alignment and thus they no longer slip aside; also, the softer tissue does not get stretched and damaged.

The best straps to buy are long, with some extra layers for greater grip, adjustable and with an easy loop closure.

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