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When should you replace your trainers


Your fitness shoes are there for a reason: they ensure your comfort and support for every movement you make and have a crucial role in high impact sports, such as running. Their help is invaluable; no wonder that some people choose to spend hundreds on their pair. However, even the best pair of trainers gets worn out and needs to be replaced. Which is the best approach? Is there any rule to it?

There is no easy answer because people have different habits and the brands available are just so many. Some consider that the mileage in the case of a running shoe is what tells its age (or, better said, its wear and tear degree). Others have an even more simplistic approach and choose to just calculate by how many months the shoes have been in use. None of these is the right way.

The right time to replace your trainers

You have to cast aside all such calculations because the only relevant clue is how you feel when wearing your fitness shoes. How has the sensation changed, compared to the beginning? How does the cushioning feel? Do you feel the midsole is still offering you adequate support and protection? Listen to what your body tells you about it. If it’s hard to figure out, do your best to remember how it felt in the beginning.

The breakdown may be occurring in a shoe before you see anything on the surface. When it’s only on the inside, it can still be a big enough issue. It can give you shin pain, make your arches and knees ache. You may think the issues come from your exercises, but in fact, it’s your shoes that cause the damage, not the routine.

Do not listen to anyone telling you to change your shoes after a specific number of months and not even after a certain mileage. In one month, you could be running far more or far less than they do. Also, the more weight you have, the easier it is to damage your shoes. If you have any app to help you, track how many miles you run and that will give you a better clue on the effort. You will then see discrepancies in your own training and figure out that sometimes you need to replace your sports shoes sooner. It’s really up to how much you do with them. The bottom line is: you must never compare yourself to others.

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