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Who is Lui Marco?


The online fitness community is without a doubt a large one. There are so many voices in the industry and many of them have found their niche. One such individual is Lui Marco. If you watch online bodybuilding videos, chances are you have stumbled across one of his videos. His take on bodybuilding topics is in a word, memorable.

About Lui Marco

There is no doubting that Lui Marco loves fitness. At 41 years of age, he has been working out for over two decades. He is a firm believer in natural bodybuilding, something that is evident in the way his physique is sculpted. He embodies what is achievable when you allow your genetics to define the limitations of your physique instead of pushing the limits with performance enhancers. That he is still working out at his age, and looking lean and aesthetic is a testament to his commitment to fitness. Bodybuilding is more than a regular indulgence for him; it is a part of his life.

As far as bodybuilding goes, Lui Marco likes to touch on the various topics through his online channels. He has over 200k followers on Instagram, and much more on YouTube. He has been on YouTube for over 10 years, having signed on in 2006. Given this lengthy time period, he has been able to amass a following who, while unsubscribed, will keep up to date with his frequent posts.

YouTube Channel

If success can be measured in numbers, then Lui Marco has had some. With over 1,100 videos uploaded and collective views of over 236,000,000 Lui Marco certainly has carved out a place for himself on the video sharing channel. Sure, this number is far from what the most successful Youtubers have, but given that bodybuilding is a niche with a finite number of followers, those numbers do speak volumes.

The vlogging style of Lui Marco is most memorable. While initial videos lacked in substance, his uploads starting 2010 or thereabouts have been awesome. He is Canadian, but he does not speak like one. His accent is one of his greater attributes, as it adds a lot to his videos. He is absolutely humorous, with terms such as ‘loyal’ and ‘proper’ inspiring a laugh every time he says them out loud. He tackles relevant topics in Bodybuilding, as well as current ones, such as bodybuilding contests and events. He knows many professional bodybuilders, most notably Phil Heath with whom they have a complex relationship.

His most passionate topic seems to be the current bodybuilding phenomenon that is ‘bubble gut’. While he puts a hilarious spin into it, it is a subject of concern among today’s fitness folk who feel it is a huge digression from the finely cut midsections of bodybuilders of the bygone era.

Is Lui Marco worth checking out? He certainly is- if not for his insight into relevant bodybuilding topics then for his hilarious commentary that never gets old. He may not always be politically correct, but he is a fine breath of fresh airs from other fitness vloggers who make the channel all about themselves.

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYBtrkLxLPm3v2J1W1TB9mA

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/luimarco/

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