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Why do bodybuilders uses Synthol


Bodybuilders are passionate about their workouts and tool for hours on an end to attain a dream sculpted body. Many professional bodybuilders put in years to achieve the muscular body that one gets to see in pictures and in professional competing arenas. Each quad, each back muscle needs to be sculpted and chiseled to perfection especially when being judged in competitions worldwide or when being part of a photoshoot or flaunting the body to impress. But what if all the muscles are not as perfect in shape and bulked up as they need to be?

That is when bodybuilders resort to quick fix measures or other alternatives and one of them involves the use of site enhancement oils, such as Synthol. Thus, the answer to the question in the title is that bodybuilders use Synthol as a site enhancement oil.

These oils upon application create an illusion of a developed muscle at places where there is a lagging body part which might not have reaped the right result after training. The oil is injected into the desired muscle that needs to be enhanced, such as the valves or the lower legs, the deltoids or the shoulder muscles that are visible, or the biceps and triceps, which are muscles of the upper arms. This act of using enhancing oils to cover a weakness of the body is usually referred to as ‘fluffing’.

Synthol and other site enhancement oils have cosmetic properties thus giving the desired effects. The oil that is present in Synthol is usually based on MCT chains that are medium length since it is found that they have the best effects on the body. The pain experienced when the oil is injected is minimized by the presence of lidocaine which is designed as a local anesthetic. Additionally, the Synthol oil has alcohol which acts to sterilize the mixture.

Use of Synthol is very common among bodybuilders, models, and fitness especially for stubborn muscle groups that do not give intended results even post workout. The use of Synthol, however, is questionable as far as safety is concerned. It has been found that the oil restricts the flow of oxygen as well as blood thus depriving the muscles of its nutrients and this, in turn, leads to muscle atrophy. So, the use of Synthol for enhancement of muscles though common must be done with caution and under guidance.

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