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Why Do Elite Bodybuilders Die at an Early Age?


Glorious as it may be, bodybuilding has its dark side that hides a serious fright factor for those who wish to become pros. It’s been very common for top bodybuilders to die at a young age. The statistics are quite frightening. Why does this happen? Is this the rule for anyone taking up this path and being serious about it?

Are The Training Sessions Dangerous?

For a long time it’s been believed that the intense effort during training sessions would weaken the heart of athletes. While this is true for other sports like speed running, it is not a good enough explanation for muscle building, because this one involves a very different kind of training. Hence the training sessions are not so dangerous. In fact, if they are done in the right way, they are the best.

Know the Culprit- Try to Stay Away From It

The usual culprit is represented by the performance enhancing drugs, so popular nowadays. There are so many of them on the market and the competition between brands is fiercer than ever. This means they struggle to come up with new and improved formulas. These claim to be spectacular and revolutionary, but sometimes the consequences may be negative, despite of excellent muscle growth. The formulations are not always that safe. Think about protein shakes: it’s a well-known fact that some concoctions of the kind put too much pressure on the various organs and cause disease or malfunction. Such is the case of steroids, which affect the kidneys.

Go For Medical Tests to be Aware of the Possible Health Complications

Underlying conditions may also pose a very serious health risk. We are talking here about undetected heart problems especially, which could worsen with the intense training regimen or the diet of a bodybuilder. It is advised that, before deciding to start the training, one goes through all the necessary medical tests. These must confirm that the individual is apt for such sport and for all the effort to come.

It Is Wise to Be Cautious

Even when the underlying condition does not pose a big threat, it would be best to act in a cautious manner. Some health troubles may be exacerbated by drug usage or by exhaustion. When the added drugs amplify the issues, the consequences could be out of control and highly damaging – much worse than initially assessed by physicians.

Enhancing Longevity as a Bodybuilder

Besides thorough medical assessments, people can do more to ensure their longevity as bodybuilders. And some of the recommended steps are summarized as below:

  • Documentation and discernment are essential here.
  • It’s important to distinguish between the different methods of enhancing muscle mass. The impatient ones prefer loads of steroids and other artificial mass and performance enhancers, but the true athletes – especially those of the past – have only relied on heavy, constant training of great intensity.
  • To put it shortly, it’s more training and less enhancers.

If athletes get to master themselves and become more realistic and more patient in reaching their goals, they can ensure a healthier way to get to the top.

Disclaimer: This article by no means encourages one and/or support the use of performance enhancing drugs. Use it as your own risk.

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