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Why Doesn’t The FDA Regulate Supplements


Herbs with nutritive and healing properties have all been grouped under the term of dietary supplements, which refers to something used to replenish one’s diet, like some kind of food, when in fact these are more like medications. Therefore, the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) doesn’t really see herbs as drugs and thus there is no need to regulate them as such. Many have been expressing their worries, however, for the reasons discussed below.

The reasons why many people worry about these supplements

Some herbs have very potent substances. While the herb in itself is not harmful, certain supplements based on it can be. How’s that? It’s because of the various concentrations and the cumulative side effects. Some good examples are the Chinese herbs used in traditional medicine in Asia. When found in the original concoctions, these have excellent effects, but when consumers use them for other purposes (such as weight loss), there can be great harm. Many herbs simply happen to work like that- in small quantities, they are beneficial and have healing properties. However, when the dosage is increased, these become poison. This truth actually stays at the core of pharmacy and medicine and is an ancient principle.

Do you know the FDA takes care of these dangerous substances to make them safe?

The FDA has a role in the way we see herbs. The truly dangerous substances are known to be heavily regulated. Since herbal supplements aren’t being regulated like other medicines, despite of the potency they sometimes have, consumers understand that these are harmless. After all, these herbal supplements are based on natural substances. Also, herbs are freely sold in the US and people nowadays feel inspired to take the matter of health in their own hands.

Then, are there no risks at all?

Sure there are risks, but these don’t require herbal supplements to be FDA-regulated. The real risk is that of overdosing or taking supplements that can interact negatively with a specific condition. This is why it is recommended to consult a physician before you start taking herbal pills, powders, tinctures and so on. Doctors now prescribe supplements too and are trained to see more than the average patient. They will know possible interactions and advise on the correct dosage. This will increase the efficiency but also minimize the potential harmful effects.

The reasons people complain about herbal supplements

There are only three reasons why certain people happen to complain about herbal supplements and these are:

  • These were taken irregularly, in wrong quantities or at wrong times
  • There was no thought given to existing conditions or were paired with other drugs
  • The supplements were counterfeit

Unfortunately, too many people take supplements chaotically and don’t experience the full benefit. They lack the patience required by this kind of supplementation or treatment. The active ingredients in supplements may take weeks or even months to show results. A few are patient enough to wait for the full effect to manifest. This doesn’t mean the product was not a good one.

These supplements are safe to buy

You can still buy and take supplements safely, only that you have to be careful about the dosage, the interactions and the recommendations. A little common sense goes a long way and can do wonders for your health and performance.

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