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Why Most People Will Fail With Their New Year’s Fitness Resolution


It’s not too daring to say that the most frequently encountered New Year’s resolution is to start going to the gym and improve your body. Perhaps we’ve all been there at some point. We’re indulging on every culinary pleasure during Christmas and the days that follow; therefore, we imagine that January is the perfect time to start eating healthy and work out.

80-90% of New Year’s resolutions fail

It’s been estimated that New Year’s resolutions fail, in a percentage between 80% and 90% or more. The main reason why this happens is because the goals we set are unrealistic. We’ve never been active yet we plan on taking up a sport or going to the gym. We’ve been anti social all our lives, but now we’re set on getting out there and start dating. It’s hard to break the habit and it’s hard to suddenly become something you’re not. If you’re used to a certain lifestyle, it won’t be easy to make a big sudden switch.

You’re not preparing accordingly

Here’s why your gym-related resolutions fail: you shock your body and it all turns bad on you. People who feel motivated enough to hit the gym in January quit by mid-February. Why so? Because they haven’t prepared, they haven’t made those necessary changes to help their bodies accommodate to the new activity. Workouts take their tool. If you’re not eating healthy and resting well, your body won’t be able to handle all that effort.

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You’re not patient

The key to achieving your fitness goals is to persevere and wait. Results won’t show as quick as you want. The high expectations and lack of patience lead to disappointment and this is one of the main reasons why people quit before spring. To improve your chances at succeeding and make your efforts more fruitful, you should also consider taking supplements for weight loss or for lean muscle.

You’re not addressing stress or emotional issues

You may have the strong desire to commit to the gym, but what if you’re anxious or depressed? An underlying depression can sabotage you. Emotional issues like these or stress alone can drain you make you feel sluggish or simply quit. These will undermine your good mood and energy levels. Work on your emotional health first, start healing yourself and remove as many sources of stress in your life as you can. Start with light exercises – sport is good, as it generates more of the “happy hormones” you so much need.

How to be successful?

Create a plan of action and use a calendar to keep track of your activities and schedule accordingly. Set small, realistic goals that won’t require too much, time, money and effort from you. Start eating healthy and nutritious foods and let go of past bad habits. Be happy with every little achievement. It will keep you going. Break down your big goal into weekly or daily tasks. Stop feeling guilty for the current shape and don’t dwell on sadness.


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