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Why Pro Bodybuilders Has A Bloated Stomach Gut


If you have a look at the bodybuilders of the past, you will notice something striking: their waist is so tiny! Compare it to today’s pro athletes and you will be mind blown. The current bodybuilding image includes a strong waist, in fact a bloated stomach!

The reasons of bloated stomach in pro bodybuilders

It’s not a matter of cutting because even the most shredded athletes can have a big, round belly. It can be, however, related to the following:

  • incomplete training
  • eating/diet
  • HGH
  • insulin
  • steroids

A big gut or a distended stomach is prevalent these days in amateur athletes too and it’s quite an issue. Most often it occurs because of exaggerate eating. The stomach simply needs to stretch to accommodate all that quantity of food. It is naturally worse in bodybuilders who only rely on food and don’t do shakes. The abdomen protrudes and the muscles are also pushed out.

Certain types of food may also cause bloating. Gluten is a frequent culprit, if there’s any undiscovered intolerance it will have this effect and you won’t know why. Meat is even worse, but how can you tell that to bodybuilders? Yet it is true, it’s been discovered that meat can be so hard to digest that it forms deposits in the intestine and these never go away.

Exercising in a wrong way may also be a cause. When you are lifting heavy weights but not engaging your abdominal muscles enough, it leads to distention. The abdominal wall needs to be tight when you are lifting, to stay in good shape. To correct this, just focus on a core training set of exercises. It’s a huge mistake to ignore that and, sadly, many do so. They think that it doesn’t make much sense to train the core, but it can make all the difference in the world. After all, the core muscles are what support you and give you the power to lift more, diminishing the risk of injury.

Steroids and HGH (human growth hormone) can make the organs to grow and thus you get that additional mass. However, it’s much more complicated than that and it intertwines with genetic matters, as well as with insulin. HGH, though, can be causing much of the issue when it’s taken in large quantities for its fat reduction effects. The HGH receptors in the intestine are numerous and it’s expected to lead to unusual growth when the hormone is heavily supplemented.

In the end, it’s also about the weight you put on. With today’s means, you can gain incredible mass. The body needs a way to sustain it all. Naturally, your mid-section will then become larger. In any case, this is not something that will go away by itself and it definitely won’t help when competing. You may not be able to fully control the structure you were born with, but you can certainly control the drugs you’re taking and the eating habits, while incorporating the right core exercises into your workout routine.

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