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Why You Are Not Building Muscle


Your resolve to exercise has withstood the test of time, you regularly hit the gym, and you are eating better than ever before. So why are you not building that precious muscle?

Exercise is a fickle thing. While you must be struggling, there are bodybuilders who are putting on pound after pound of lean muscle. What might you be doing differently?

You Are Not Lifting Heavy Enough

One common mistake most beginners make is the assumption that new muscle will be built as long as you regularly attend the gym. If you are lifting the same weights week after week, month after month, your muscles are not going to grow. Our bodies adapt to new challenges. The only way you can grow is by continually adding the challenge. This means increasing your training volume periodically.

Inconsistent Workouts

Consistency is the difference between a muscular body and a frail one. You cannot postpone your workouts and expect to grow any muscle. Realize that when you postpone your workouts, you also postpone your results. The muscles need to be continuously challenged to gain both strength and size. Once or twice a week simply won’t do.

You Are Not Eating Enough

Timely provision of nutrients is critical in stimulating muscle growth. How can you expect to build new muscle if you do not provide the building blocks they need? You need to provide your body with some dietary excesses. Muscle maintenance, building and growth are all processes fueled by nutrients.

What You Should Do To Build Muscle

The road to new muscle will open up to you if you decide to do things a little differently.

Progressive volume training is the best kind of training for adding new muscle. The immensity of the weights you lift has to be increased every few weeks. Do not compromise good form for heavy weight. Lift smart to forestall injury and watch your gains increase. Schedule at least four days of exercise every week, and strive to never miss a Monday.

Have a meal plan that has five meals at the very least. Every few hours, supply your body with muscle-building foods. This consistency will ensure there is enough nutrient support for your muscles, and this will stimulate them to grow. If there are any gaps in your meal plan, fill them with the right supplements.

Dedicate enough time to recovery. Always get your nightly 8 hours. Muscles recover and grow during the night. The importance of getting enough shut-eye cannot be overemphasized.

Follow these recommendations and watch your physique transform.

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