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Why You Should Shop For Supplements at iHerb.com


You must be already familiar with the iHerb name if you have been reading any health supplement reviews. This is an extensive online platform that sells vitamins, supplements and all sorts of natural health products and ships internationally. They boast with a number of over 35,000 such products, gathered from a multitude of top producers from every corner of the world. Thus, the iHerb platform becomes one of the biggest and best markets of this kind on the Internet.

Visit iHerb.com here.

The rise of iHerb

The company started small. In the beginning, iHerb was just a small site focused only on selling St. John’s Wort. This is how it actually got its name. Since then, it has expanded so greatly and eventually became an e-commerce platform with thousands of different products and the following shopping categories:

  • Herbs – simply dried, so you can make your own products
  • Homeopathic remedies
  • Skin care
  • Grocery items
  • Superfoods (like quinoa, chia, amaranth)
  • Supplements for health and for sports
  • Aromatherapy
  • Products for babies/children and for pets

Get original products at fair price

iHerb works with Absolute Nutrition, Advanced Orthomolecular Research, Aleva Naturals, DaVinci Laboratories of Vermont, Jarrow Formulas, Macrolife Naturals, Marine Biotherapies, Sea Minerals and many, many more. It guarantees the sale of their original products and no counterfeit ones. Besides, it strives to keep the prices fair.

Read the Healthy library of iHerb

The platform even has a ‘health library’ with loads of interesting booklets on topics like disease prevention, recipes and dieting, dental health, aging, supplementing, oils, cholesterol, probiotics, cleanse procedures, food intolerance and so on. Anyone may download the available booklets for free. These are actually very interesting, as they contain little known information – for example about the vegan alternative to fish oil.

iHerb doesn’t just sell, it also informs, explains and describes its goals. It’s great that viewers can find so much additional information concerning the company’s activity. The team commits to help important causes worldwide and constantly strives to raise funds for charities. On iHerb.Com you will find all the related information you need.

Ordering and shipping

The ordering and shipping process should also be mentioned. iHerb has its own warehouses in Kentucky and California, which make it easy to ship items quickly. The staff updates product information almost instantly, always matching it with what’s in stock. For its order processing and shipping efficiency, iHerb received excellent official ratings.

iHerb is a trusted e-commerce store

Here’s something even more impressive, however, in less than one year, the site has reached one million transactions, earning a Google Trusted Store Award. Even its mobile version is astounding – this awarded website lets users browse in 6 different languages, just like its desktop version.

Reward programs and referrals

If you are a loyal iHerb customer, you can enjoy certain benefits. These are usually in the form of savings. The rewards program enables customers to earn just by sharing. As you may have guessed, the program is about referrals. The more one shares, the biggest their savings will be.

There is no scam about iHerb – after all, it’s been around since 1996 and wouldn’t have lasted so long otherwise.

Buy supplements from iHerb.

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