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Why You Should Supplement Yourself With Glucosamine?


Glucosamine is found in the form of a dietary supplement that’s been getting popular lately. Together with chondroitin, it is promoted as an all-natural treatment for arthritis and joint pain. These ailments are not only common to the elderly, but are also bothering more and more young people, especially those involved into sports.

What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a substance that is being naturally produced by the human body. According to what experts say, it attracts water to the tissue and at the same time it stimulates the cartilage production. Its action area is represented by the joints. Thus, glucosamine is a substance that supports the connective tissue. It is good for the cartilage, as it helps it stay elastic for longer through a boost of water content. Also, glucosamine has been observed to block a specific range of enzymes which usually destroy cartilage tissue.

A supplement that works for joint pain

If you are looking for complete joint support, this might be just the right supplement. It is by all means better than just taking painkillers. The latter mask the symptoms, while this supplement actually helps the tissue repair itself.

Glucosamine and bodybuilding

Natural glucosamine levels drop as people age, which is why supplementing is necessary from a certain point on. However, the substance is often recommended to athletes as well, especially to those who frequently put a big load on their joints. When faced with such effort, it is essential to have healthy ligaments and joints. Bodybuilders are definitely in need of extra joint support, which is why glucosamine is good for them. Weightlifting puts a serious strain on the ligaments day by day. These can be torn or worn out especially when the bodybuilder’s efforts are exaggerated or not according to the best rules. People, who train chaotically or who over train, are prone to damaging their joints and experiencing pain. Supplementing helps the pain to subside and the tissue repair at a quicker pace, with better results.

Can Glucosamine supplement treat sports injuries?

Sports injuries are successfully treated with this supplement. Research studies aren’t too many yet, but there is growing evidence. Glucosamine sulfate appears to be the best form to take. You may also want to locate a trustworthy vendor to make sure you get a high-quality formula.

Things to know about Glucosamine supplement

Many have wondered whether glucosamine can be supplemented through eating certain foods or not. The answer is a negative one – there is no natural food source to contain it, even though the substance is extracted from shellfish shells. There are also questions concerning its side effects. It is possible to experience these, but they are usually mild. Side effects don’t appear with standard doses, but with higher ones. People may have allergic reactions (because of the shellfish), headaches, drowsiness or an upset stomach. There are some serious warnings though: don’t take glucosamine if you suffer from a health condition. Consult with a doctor before starting to supplement.

Existing research has shown glucosamine to be effective in treating osteoarthritis of the knee and hip. However, its effects and time of action can differ greatly from one person to another. Weight is one factor to influence this.

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