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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day


Leg training is included in the schedule of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts for more than the obvious reasons. In fact, its importance is overwhelming. The following will prove you why it is like this.

Leg exercises offer an overall improvement

Leg exercises don’t only focus on the lower body. These are important for overall health, too. First of all, think about all the blood that gets into your legs and which actually gets to stagnate there. Unless you move around a lot, your blood circulation won’t be optimal. With leg exercise, you pump that blood upwards, as well as the lymph, promoting better health.

Getting a balanced body is needed

Also, as you strengthen the legs, you make your body balanced. Without strong legs, your body will not be able to sustain a well-developed upper side. All the upper body muscle mass will be too heavy for weak legs to support. Also, just like with the core (mid section), when the legs are strong you get more fit for all your training. Needless to say, this is crucial when it comes to bodybuilding and especially to competitions. Muscle imbalance has been one of the leading causes of training injury, so one needs to take this matter seriously.

Exercises those are good for legs

Squats are the most common lower body exercise. These are also very effective and add volume to buttocks, thighs and hips. With routine squats you can tweak the overall aspect of your legs. This is also the way to ensure there is no muscle imbalance. Add variety to your squats sessions through performing front and back squats, hindu, barbell or front jump squats. Deadlifts are good, too. These, along with the aforementioned squats, have amazing benefits and involve the chest muscles.

Are you aware of the importance of leg training for an improved level of hormones?

We haven’t mentioned the hormones yet. As studies point out, leg training is excellent at increasing testosterone and growth hormone levels. Upper body training won’t lead to the same results.

Try to include leg workouts in your exercise routine

Leg workouts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely not a good idea to perform isolated exercises for your upper body only. Train the lower body too and you will see more increase from your other types of training as well.

Everything the upper body does when you are training is requiring a strong core and the legs, too. This becomes even more obvious as you train with weights. Stronger muscles in the lower body will protect your back from injury. These will take away much of the weight and pressure, avoiding damage to the spine and to the back muscles.

Finally, let’s talk about looks. It was hinted already at the competition look, which requires balance and overall volume. It’s obvious that one’s aspect will suffer greatly if legs muscles are underdeveloped. It’s only ridiculous to have a large upper body, while the legs are thin.

If this post isn’t convincing enough, you can always have a look at the champions’ routine and advice and see how they’ve worked with their legs to achieve strength and volume. Just don’t skip the leg day, and advise your friends to do the same.

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