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Will Kai Greene make an Olympia return


For years already, no one is sure of how to answer the question: will Kai Greene ever return to the Mr Olympia stage? In 2016, when serious rumours began, Kai Greene was already at peak shape and winning the Arnold Classic three times. However, he refrained from making an appearance at Mr Olympia, where fans craved to see him compete against an unbeatable Phil Heath.

The Competition of Mr Olympia and Kai Greene

The bodybuilder was banned in 2015 from the competition and he refused to discuss the reasons. However, Robin Chang, the promoter of the IFBB contest, explained that Kai could’ve made a return, only if he wanted to. According to his statement, Greene could have signed the contract again if he desired so. Not long after, in 2017, Kai actually received a special invitation from IFBB.

Will Kai Greene return to the competition?

In the meanwhile, however, it is well known that Greene has ventured into various avenues of business, perhaps the most interesting one being his own supplements brand, Dynamik Muscle. The bodybuilder has been hinting at a return in 2018 via a post on Instagram, where he mentioned a comeback along with tagging IFBB. The move has generated a lot of talks, as expected. In response to pressure from the public, Greene clearly stated he is not making a return to the competition in 2018. Instead, he is still focused on exploring some other ventures.

It is indeed possible that he will not make a return to Mr Olympia anytime soon because, given the past events, the judges will refuse to hand him the trophy. It might very well be a matter of ego. A victory would be highly unlikely, especially in the Phil Heath era. After all, none of the judges needs to explain the points they hand out. Plus, Greene is the author of some questionable public gestures that compromised his image and made it unsuitable for an Olympia star, gestures about which one can find out rather easily after an online search. According to his business partner, Aaron Singerman, to Greene, it is indeed a matter of ego. He refuses to get in top shape, only to lose the trophy.

All in all, nothing appears to be set in stone, although most evidence points away from an IFBB return. Greene is known to be an unpredictable person and he may change his mind at some point, after all. In the meanwhile, he can surely be watched developing and using his skills in various other branches.

This post was inspired after watching video titled – ‘Kai Greene Meets with Olympia Promoters about 2019 Olympia’. Do you think Kai Green is coming back to Olympia stage?

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