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Will TRX Workout Help To Build Big Muscles?


The journey to total body fitness has many paths. There are shortcuts for those looking for quick results, which inadvertently, don’t last, or look as aesthetic as those who stay the course and put in the work through the years. Building muscle involves lifting progressively heavier weights (good diet goes without saying). It is a truth that is as old as time. Can the TRX workout then, yield the same results?

What is it?

The TRX system basically involves the use of a suspension trainer to develop strength. It is popular among all types of fitness enthusiasts. Perhaps its biggest selling point is how much it involves the core in all workouts. There are many different movements that have been designed to use the system. Whether you want an upper, lower or full body workout, it is entirely possible to achieve.

Is it better than Weight Training?

When the TRX workout was devised, the inspiration was not to replace weight lifting but rather, to complement it. In other words, the TRX workout does not equal actual bodybuilding with weights. The reason is, with weights, the load can always be increased, and individual muscles can be targeted and sufficiently fatigued. This is not the case with the TRX workout. While it will recruit different muscle groups, it will not be as catalytic in muscle gain as weight lifting.

The TRX workout is therefore designed to fill out any gaps in your workout. It is ideal for maintaining fitness, as it easily works out your whole body. It is especially great for your core, which when strengthened, enhances your balance and makes your stance more confident.

TRX workout alone will not get you to the promised land. Big muscle gains require a challenge that TRX cannot adequately provide by itself. It provides a great starting point if you are just getting into fitness. But as far as getting size goes, you actually have to hit the weight room hard.

Is the TRX workout for you?

It is easy to find shortcomings in the TRX when you focus on what it is not. But the truth is, its benefits far outweigh its perceived shortfalls. It provides enough resistance to keep the muscle building processes active, and will help you strengthen your joints, and of course, your core.

The TRX system is great for working out at home. It requires very little space, and with an assorted range of movements, you can be able to work out your entire body. Those who are looking to get fit without getting huge will find there is a lot to like about the TRX workout.

You can easily find illustrations, explanations and video tutorials of the different kinds of movements that you can be able to execute with the suspension trainer. The rules of bodybuilding should still be observed. That is to say that you should watch your form and ensure you are actively pushing to your actual limits (usually by increasing the number of reps, as the load cannot be added.)

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