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Winners of 2014 Olympia


The biggest bodybuilding competition in the world came and went but the memories of the event still linger. It was a particularly significant event this time, as it marked the 50th anniversary since it started. Elite bodybuilders brought their best physiques yet to the stage amid cheers from the colossal crowds that had gathered to get a peak at what physical perfection is. Here is a breakdown of the winners that walked away with the coveted titles.

Mr Olympia – Phil Heath

The elusive Sandow was once again handed to Phil Heath. The competition was very close but Phil’s tight, aesthetic build and great poses were enough to earn him a triumph once again. His abs seemed a little bloated, but this did not distract from the fact that his conditioning was simply perfect.

212 Olympia Winner – Flex Lewis

The wonderful balance of size, symmetry, and aesthetics saw James ‘Flex’ Lewis scoop the victory in this category. From the prejudging, it was clear that he was the man to beat. And in the end, no challenger brought a better package than he did.

Ms Olympia – Iris Kyle

Iris Kyle legend was written with this, her 10th win as Ms Olympia. Her conditioning was unmatched, and the details on her back were impossible to match. Her journey has been a long and colorful one, and with this victory, she has decided to leave the stage. It was a worthy climax for this deserving athlete who embodies feminine bodybuilding in a way no other woman before her has.

Ms Fitness Olympia – Oksana Grishina

Known for her artistic routines, Oksana Grishina finally got the spotlight to shine on her as she took the fitness Olympia crown. Adela Garcia repeatedly bested her in the division but this year, all the odds were stacked in Oksana’s favor. In addition to her aesthetic physique, her memorable performance eclipsed that of all other contestants, and gave her the victory that she wanted for so long.

Ms Figure Olympia – Nicole Wilkins

With an already impressive accumulation of Figure Olympia wins, Nicole Wilkins walked away with yet another victory. Her figure was without flaw, and her conditioning was nothing short of perfect. She looked better than ever, and it’s not hard to imagine her taking her fifth title next year.

Ms Bikini Olympia – Ashley Kaltwasser

Their bikini bodies might not have the same muscular look, but this does not mean their work is any easier. If anything Bikini Olympia contestants are under a lot more pressure because they must have faultless physiques. The competition was tough, with over 23 sexy physiques all fighting for the crown. In the end it was Kaltwasser who looked best. Her package represented feminine perfection and the confident way she carried it enabled her to take home her second win in the category.

Women’s Physique Showdown- Juliana Malacarne

Dana Linn Bailey was the favorite for this crown. But this was before Juliana Malacarne took the stage and showcased her efforts. Her perfectly balanced, perfectly conditioned physique gave DLB some real competition. In the end it emerged the better. Her routine was stunning and her poise was remarkable. The decision was hard for the judges to reach, but the slight edge Malacarne had proved to be enough to hand her the advantage that culminated in her win.

Men’s Physique Showdown – Jeremy Buendia

Last year’s men’s physique showdown was marked with controversy with many fans arguing that Mark Anthony Wingson’s physique wasn’t the best. This year, there was no doubt about the best masculine physique. All the men on stage embodied perfection with their muscular physiques that weren’t overly so. Fan-favorite Steve Cook was in the final lineup, and he looked great. But it was Jeremy Buendia’s physique that bested them all. His insanely small waist gifted him with an enviable V-Taper. Coupled with his effortless poses, he emerged the winner with Sadik Hadzovic coming in second.

This is the 2014 Olympia as it happened. The awards given here are the highest in the land, and even being part of the competition is enough of an honor. But the individuals listed here brought the best in their categories. The light will continue to shine on them until a similar time next year when they will once again have to battle it out. And we can hardly wait.

Editorial image of Ronnie Coleman by © Bstefanov.

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