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Women lifting heavy weights – No it won’t turn you into a Hulk


Men love lifting weights, but women, not so much. Having witnessed the transformative effects of strength training on a physique, many women have eschewed the idea of lifting heavy weights. They argue that they do not want to develop a muscular physique because it will take away their femininity. But it is a gross misconception, and one that ought to be discontinued.

The Benefits of Weight Lifting

Weight lifting conveys some of the best benefits of any fitness regime. It increases muscle tone, improves circulation, increases bone density, improves posture, increases libido and accelerates the process of weight loss. All these benefits can be enjoyed by both genders, as long as a sufficiently intense training program is followed.

Testosterone and Muscle Building

As far as muscle building is concerned, this is an ability that is uniquely masculine. The hormone responsible for sexual secondary characteristics is also responsible for muscle growth. Testosterone, secreted by the testes, is the substance that is responsible for muscle growth, among other masculine traits. As women lack the organs to produce any testosterone, they cannot experience the same physical changes that men do when they undertake a weight lifting program.

In other words, a woman is incapable of putting on significant muscle mass because they lack the hormone responsible. If they lift heavy weights, the end result will be a more toned physique without any of the vascularity or muscular hypertrophy that is seen in their male counterparts. Sure, their abs might become visible, and the quadriceps might become more defined, but that is as far as it goes.

This is an advocacy for women to lift weights. It is more effective at increasing metabolism and accelerating the process of fat loss than cardio alone. Muscles use up more calories, so if the muscles are regularly challenged with heavy weight, they will ensure that no excess energy is available for conversion to fat.

Women Bodybuilders

There are those women who achieve physiques that are closely masculine. While these bodybuilders do dedicate a lot of time to working out, most of them use performance enhancing drugs to achieve that muscular physique. They take testosterone supplements to endow themselves with the ability of putting on a lot of muscle mass because naturally, that ability does not exist.

If you are a woman and lift heavy weights, you will realize that the benefits are far from what is portrayed by bodybuilders. If anything, the heavy lifting will help accentuate your femininity with a smaller waist and a rounder butt. That is the reality.

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