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World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Asia Championship crowns new PRO cards winners


– Seven competitors from S.Korea, India, Japan and Lithuania were awarded the prestigious PRO card status
– South East Asia’s and Singapore’s inaugural WBFF Asia Championship took place at the Marina Bay Sands

SINGAPORE, 30 April 2017 – The highly-acclaimed and anticipated World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) show has finally made its South-East Asia debut in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre 30th April 2017.

The finale event also saw seven winners being awarded with the prestigious PRO card status. The PRO card is an official professional model certification which not only recognizes the athlete’s hard work, but also reflects every winner’s commitment of being a WBFF’s official ambassador. Winners will also get the chance to compete in the WBFF Worlds, an international stage where PRO cards winners compete against each other to vie for the top position.

The finale which took place the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, saw over 100 registrants from over 14 nations including Singapore, Malaysian, Indonesia, Brunei, Macau, Hong Kong, Philippines, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, South Africa, UAE and Belgium.

The list of winners for the WBFF Asia Singapore Show Championship include:

Male Muscle Model:
1st: Ragesh Yadav + PRO card (India)
2nd: Kim Yongsik + PRO card (S. Korea)
3rd: Shin Jung Jin (S. Korea)

Male Fitness Model
1st: Kwon Sungjoo + PRO card (S Korea)
2nd:Shin Jung Jin + PRO card (S.Korea)
3rd: Kim Jae Hoon (S.Korea)

Diva Fitness Model:
1st: Chisa Sanada + PRO card (Japan)
2nd: Kim Eun Hyea + PRO card (S.Korea)
3rd: Quisha Baterna (Philippines)

Commercial Model:
Male: Kwon Sungjoo (S.Korea)
Female: Nastumi Sugamata (Japan)

Diva Bikini Model:
1st: Kristina Obiang + PRO card (Lithuania)
2nd:Noriko Igarashi (Japan)
3rd: Koo Seul A (S. Korea)

Mohamad Ashree (Singapore) – Read his story

Break Barrier:
Victor Chan (Singapore) – Read his story

The judging panel, made up of seasoned WBFF spokespersons and ambassadors, include: CEO and founder of the WBFF Shows, Mr Paul Dillett, WBFF Head Judge, Nathan Harewood, WBFF 2016 World Champion Pro Fitness Model, Hattie Boydle and WBFF North America Champion Fitness Model, Ahn Jaesung. With years of training and judging experience, the panel of judges ensures that only the most deserving athletes will be awarded with the prestigious PRO card status.

Commenting on the vision behind the show, Paul Dillett shared, “The WBFF was created to help people realise and live their dreams. This is not your traditional figure show, just because a competitor has a sizable muscular mass does not mean that they will achieve their PRO status. Our categories were created to showcase an athletic figure which is sustainable and attainable naturally. These are the physiques that the general public want to be associated with.”

Chairman of WBFF Asia, Augustine Tan, seeks to educate more Asians about the numerous international opportunities that the WBFF Asia can offer to the competitors, “This year, Singapore will be the first country in South East Asia to showcase the competition. The team has chosen Singapore to spearhead the influence of WBFF throughout Asia. Singapore, brimming with western influence yet still embracing our eastern culture, is the perfect metropolitan society. Moving forward, the WBFF Asia show will be an annual affair in Singapore and we plan to tour the WBFF Asia show to the other regional markets.”

More than just a fitness competition, the WBFF focuses on bringing back the true meaning of beauty. While an overall fit physique is important, the competition also serves to highlight other aspects of beauty such as grace, poise and showmanship capabilities.

The next WBFF Asia show will be taking place in South Korea in May 2017.

Victor Chan

Break Barrier Winner

Team Strong Silvers member and WBFF Asia participant

Victor Chan, a 65-year-old fitness enthusiast, will be embarking on his journey to participate in the World Beauty Fashion and Fitness (WBFF) Asia competition this year.

Currently working as a lifeguard, Victor has been in this profession for almost 40 years now. One of his priority in life has always been his fitness well-being.

From the age of 21 to 31, Victor picked up and practiced bodybuilding. Thereafter, he began to compete in triathlons at the age of 49. This was a change in his lifestyle, switching his training from bulking up his muscles to endurance. One of Victor’s most memorable race was the 84km Sundown Ultra Marathon in 2008, which he completed in less than 10 hours. Victor has also competed in overseas races such as the Ironman triathlons in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Notably, Victor is a member of Team Strong Silvers (TSS), a senior citizens health and fitness interest group. The team came together in October 2013, with the primary objective of encouraging senior citizens to age actively, and the younger generation to invest in their health earlier in life. Hailing from different sporting backgrounds, the 6 member team utilises calisthenics as its exercise display platform.

In 2017, funded by of Asia Calisthenics Federation as part of its initiative to promote calisthenics, Victor will be taking part in South East Asia’s first WBFF Asia competition. With his strong and compelling story, Victor will be participating in the Transformation category. Unlike the other categories, participants in this category will be judged based on their inspirational story, personality and overall physical change.

Mohamad Ashree

Transformation Winner

Para-powerlifter and WBFF Asia participant

Ashree, a 48-year-old para-powerlifter, will be embarking on his first fitness pageant with WBFF Asia this year.
Born with polio, Ashree has found his strength through fitness. He started to compete in powerlifting in 2015 and on top of the WBFF, he will also be preparing for the 2017 SEA Games this year.

Ashree has had a tumultuous journey in life due to his low self-esteem brought about by polio. As a youth, he mixed with the wrong company of friends and got involved with drugs. He had been incarcerated before with the longest time being seven-and-a-half years. He was released in 2012 and has taken this opportunity to turn over a new leaf. He has stayed sober for almost four years now.

Subsequent to his release, Ashree has taken on jobs in the F&B industry but felt that there were many setbacks caused by his dark history. His turning point in life came when he was employed at Anytime Fitness gym in 2015 and met another para-athlete who referred him to The Gym Nation. From then on, Ashree has worked and trained at The Gym Nation to prepare himself for his first overseas competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2015.

Ashree is looking at representing Singapore this year at the upcoming Southeast Asian Games 2017 and he hopes to take up a professional powerlifter course so that he may impart his knowledge to other athletes in Singapore.



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