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World’s Oldest Bodybuilders – Part 2


There have always been loads of speculation and gossip about bodybuilders of the world reaching old age. Some have even said that their lifestyle, the effort and all the steroids taken would shorten their lives considerably. Others claimed that it’s impossible to keep the good shape for long and they would age just like all of us do. The oldest bodybuilders we know are proving this wrong and even prove that you can actually start training long after the age of retirement. Just check these:

Raymond Moon

Screenshot from musclecam
Screenshot from musclecam

Having won the battle with cancer, Raymond Moon is now 87 and last seen back on stage, competing against bodybuilders who are half his age. He is known as the oldest of all competitive bodybuilders on the planet and has fought many other terrible diseases along the years, besides the recent cancer. The most surprising fact is, perhaps, that he started training at an incredible age – some years after he turned 70! He started from the lowest level, as in the beginning he was only able to hold 1 kg weights in his hands. Indeed, one is never too old for a change of lifestyle and habits – not even for performance!

Jim Shaffer

Screenshot from jimdebary
Screenshot from jimdebary

The now 80-year old has a very late start as a bodybuilder. When most would think of it as impossible, Jim committed to serious training as he turned 54. He fancied it so much that he worked out until he reached champion status. It was a huge change for him, but it paid off. You can watch his highly motivational videos online, as he’s been training well into his 70s.

The late Manohar Aich

Screenshot from Pranab Das
Screenshot from Pranab Das

Stereotypes are completely smashed by the incredible Manohar Aich, the bodybuilder who died at the age of 104. The Indian was the first of his country to win the Mr. Universe Group III championship in 1952 and won several other medals. The truly remarkable achievement as that he could still enter competitions even when he was in his 80s. 20 years later, he was still able to train. Of course, we surely must give credit to his diet as well – based on very simple and natural foods like lentils, rice, fruit, vegetables and fish.

Tsutomu Tosaka

Screenshot from jimdebary
Screenshot from jimdebary

78-year old bodybuilder, Tosaka is a frequent competitor and hasn’t bothered lifting until he was 40. He was 12 times a champion and for a whole decade he was actually the winner of every edition of the Japan Master’s Bodybuilding Championships. What is most impressive about his physique is the muscular mass of his legs, which is rarely seen in this age category.

Looking at these senior bodybuilders doesn’t only show that all the gossip was wrong; it completely changes our perception on aging and on the things we can do as we get older.

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