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World’s Oldest Bodybuilders


For most people who get into strength training the goal is often to look their best during their heydays. For them competing or getting attention is their end and bodybuilding their means. They stay true to lifting but when they move past their prime, they give up and settle into the average life.

There is however, a select group of people who hold on to weight lifting for much, much longer. For them, bodybuilding isn’t just a means to an end- it is an end in itself. They refuse to be stopped by their age, and keep lifting well into their sunsets. These folks are as inspiring as they are rare. Here is a selection of some of these legendary people. With their rock hard abs, they are perhaps the best demonstration that age is just a number.

Sam ‘Sonny’ Bryant – 71 years

When Sam first hit the gym 26 years ago, it was to find a way to overcome the stress over his failed marriage. What started as a distracted quickly evolved into a passion and over two and a half decades later, he has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

Paul Stone – 77 years

With over 20 competitions under his belt, Paul Stone’s love for weight training is irrefutable. This is even more impressive when you consider he started competing well after hitting 60.

Ernestine Shepherd – 77 years

Representing the girls, Ernestine Shepherd is a sight to behold with her flat stomach and enviable toned arms. She started her journey to fitness at 56 and in 2010 she earned her place as the world’s oldest performing female bodybuilder, as named by the Guinness World Book of Records.

Ramon Lopez – 86 years

Ramon’s love for fitness started early on. For five straight decades he was a professional bodybuilder and even after retiring from the stage, he did not retire from the gym. Suffice it to say he has earned a legendary status. This grandmaster currently trains professional bodybuilders as a way of indulging his lifelong passion.

Charles Eugester – 93 years

A retired dentist, Dr Charles is a late entry into the bodybuilding game. He decided to take up bodybuilding when he was 87, and it ignited something in him that has not dwindled since. He asserts that even at 93, his body still responds to resistance training, and it has rekindled his life spark. Training three to four times a week, Charles is a testament that it’s never too late to get into the bodybuilding game.

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