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Which is healthier – Wraps or Bread


When it comes to sandwiches, wraps are appealing and actually quite trendy these days, but we can’t help thinking of the traditional bread, especially in its whole grain form. Which option would make a better choice for health and physical performance?

There is nothing new about tortillas or wraps. Still, they’re making such a statement these days on the food market. Because they’re not as fluffy as the bread, people tend to give them more credit and see these as a more natural, healthier option.

Wraps vs bread – a fair comparison


While wraps are certainly good at tasting, they are also a source of excellent nutrition through the whole grains. They make for a great choice when you are trying to avoid the carbs and lose weight. You will find these made of whole wheat, as well as of mixed grains, hemp, spelt, etc. On the other hand, bread isn’t much different. It has a similar content of fibers, minerals and B vitamins. Of course, the best is the whole wheat variety.

Sodium and trans fat

There are some notable differences, too. Wraps tend to have more sodium and also – be warned – unhealthy trans fats that you don’t want in your diet. In addition, it can load you with more calories than bread because it’s so dense. Wheat bread scores lower in trans fats as well as sodium. These aspects could matter to many kinds of diets.


If you are looking for a low calorie count, bread may be your better friend, surprisingly. Wraps are tricky here – they’re so thin and so easy to eat, you may not be aware how much you’re actually getting. It will look like nothing to you, but in truth you could be loading yourself with calories, because of their density and nutrition. What is better about the wraps, though, is their fiber content is higher and that is important for your bowel movements. However, if you’re not getting enough fiber from bread, you may get it from vegetables, for example.

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Things to keep in mind to get the right food

To make sure which contains what, it’s always recommended check the ingredients’ list. Many things can be added to wraps to make them tasty. When you see hydrogenated oil on the list, it’s better to avoid the product. Also, dietitians advise in favor of whole grain varieties, whether you’re choosing bread or wraps.

While we focus on the nutritional aspect though, the wraps may be tricking us again, this time through different means. It is their big, even huge size. This means that they can accommodate loads of fillings. You don’t see the fluffy, chunky bread and you say it’s fine, you’re not getting many calories. However, those fillings, when in large quantities, may count up to so much more than a regular bread sandwich. Keep that in mind when you choose between the two.

Other than that, wraps aren’t that ‘evil’, not as long as you check their ingredients and avoid the bad ones and don’t overfill yourself. Still, they aren’t such a good option when dieting, as the claims or presentation may make you believe.

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