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4 Wrist Wraps To Look Out For in 2018


Lifting progress is ensured by many small details, also counting the training accessories, like wrist straps. Injuries are real and you can never know the real limits of your body unless you push yourself to the limit – and that is usually too late. Therefore, it is wise to consider joint protection during training; it will also help you achieve much, much more. See below 4 reliable wrist wraps to buy in 2018:

Aster Wrist Wraps

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This beautiful bright red pair has a unique design and maintains its shape very well due to superior fabric strength. It’s made of an elastic fiber that ensures a perfect grip. These wraps are long and may look too bulky when wrapped, but they’re a lot more comfortable to wear than you may think. Besides, each detail is sure to make a difference. Wear these regardless of your training level.

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Bodybuilding Singapore Wrist Wraps

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Made of a blend of cotton and elastic fiber, these will last for a long time and adapt easily enough to your needs. They’re already wide enough to protect your joints efficiently with just one single wrap. The velcro closure makes these simple to use and the elastic thumb loop is sure to keep them in place.

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TuffWraps Wrist Wraps

The TuffWraps will keep the pain away regardless of your style of lifting and level. Designed by a chiropractic expert, they’re excellent at supporting heavy lifts and keeping all bones and ligaments as they’re supposed to be. The fabric has an interior dynamic that makes it as loose or as tight as you need it, according to your movements. The blend works well in spite of having no cotton, which would allow for too much of an extension. All in all, these wraps were designed to last well, to ensure real protection for wrists when pressure is added and thus support your every movement.

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Gangsta Wraps

The higher price is justified – these wraps are stiff and long, the kind required by athletes who are extremely serious about their performance. The support they offer is optimal. If you do a little research, you will find many bodybuilding contest winners who relied on the Gangsta Wraps for their top performance. However, you don’t need to be like them in order to qualify for these. Employ them at any level, to break through plateaus and keep safe from injury. The Gangsta Wraps provide adequate protection and can be applied to various joints.

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Some of these pairs are pricey, while others are well expensive; however, all are high-quality wraps you can count on when training and especially lifting heavy. Therefore, don’t worry about your budget, choose whichever suits it.

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