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Youtube Fitness Celebrity You Should Subscribe


Once the fitness bug gets to you, you start to realize the importance of getting a constant supply of motivation. The journey of the fit is not for the weary, and sometimes the struggle gets hard when you don’t have any inspiration to draw from. Thankfully, fitness motivation is easy to come by online. Sometimes it comes in the form of inspirational posters and rousing quotes. In other times, it comes in the form of fitness celebrities.

These are individuals who have enthroned a life of fitness. Fitness to them is more than just a means to an end. It is their entire lifestyle, and they make it their life’s purpose to share their message with the world.

YouTube provides an ideal portal for interaction. Unlike static website and some social media accounts, YouTube lends something extra to fitness personalities. It makes them easier to relate to because you can observe their movements and hear their voices. If you are looking for fit people to follow, here are some channels you should subscribe to.

Jerry Ward


A passionate bodybuilder and owner of bios3training.com, Jerry Ward is a straight shooter who tries to demystify bodybuilding. Having built an enviable physique, its evident Jerry knows his art. His website exemplifies his beliefs- that no program can work for two people in exactly the same way. He believes in building a fitness routine around three components- training, nutrition and cardio.

Jerry Ward is of the opinion that you can find a way to fuse these three components in a way that works for your body. He eschews programs set in stone, and instead, advocates for customized programs that address the strengths and weaknesses of individual physiques. On his channel, he uploads everything from different training routines to love advice and everything in between.

Marc Lobliner


MTS Nutrition CEO, EthiTech Nutrition CEO, Wilkins Fitness Commercial Vertical Manager, TigerFitness.com Director of Business Development, MachineTrainingSolutions.com Owner and MachineMuscle.com Editor in Chief and author, Marc Lobliner is undoubtedly, an avid bodybuilder. If this is not illustrated by his physique, then it certainly is by his YouTube Channel. With a barrel chest and striking arms, Marc knows bodybuilding. He uploads advice on supplements, fitness routines and other issues that touch on the bodybuilding world.

Lobliner also has quite a rich selection of playlists that can help a lifter stay focused when they are pushing weights. He offers personal coaching and sells bodybuilding merchandise.

Lui Marco


Lui Marco is a natural bodybuilder based in Canada. He boasts a physique that balances size and aesthetics and is one of the easily recognizable fitness faces in Canada. He has assembled quite a following too as evidenced by his Facebook fan page. He endorses natural bodybuilding, and is critical of those athletes who use chemical help.

On Lui Marco’s channel, you can expect to find uploads of mind blowing physiques, as well as general advice on bodybuilding. He has a life coaching channel too, should you be interested.

Jason Blaha


Owner of Juggernaut Fitness TV Jason Blaha is a popular name in the bodybuilding universe. While he doesn’t have a cut physique, he is passionate about fitness, and his life is reflective of that. He perhaps grew in popularity after his legal ordeal with Layne Norton that grew ugly. While some supplement brands and fellow bodybuilders might frown on him for his outspokenness, he is keen to continue sharing his fitness discoveries and lessons with the world.

Jason Blaha’s channel is populated with personal training videos, Q&As, weight lifting tips and discussions on popular myths. He is an interesting personality to follow.

These four fit people can cumulatively add a wealth of information to your bodybuilding endeavors. Their channels are active, and judging from the views their video uploads get, it’s clear they have their jobs cut out for them.

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