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Beverages that have zero carb calories/fats/protein and caffeine free


If you are serious about your fitness goals and this makes you be aware of everything that goes into your system, you probably carefully watch your drinks too… and realize that you don’t have that many options if you want to lose weight or stay lean. The ‘fun’ drinks out there are full of carbs and fats, while fitness shakes are full of protein. What can you do? You don’t have to limit yourself to plain water. See the tasty and fun options that will support your weight loss goal:

Virgil’s Root Beer

This gourmet root beer is sure to satisfy even the pickiest consumers. Besides, it’s microbrewed and it contains loads of natural spices that help with weight loss (licorice, cloves, cinnamon etc.). It tastes rich and creamy, has no caffeine, but you’ll get 42 g of sugar in a 12 fl oz bottle and a total of 160 calories with it. There are no preservatives and the flavorings are entirely natural.

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Sparkling Bitters

These are tonic bitters prepared by infusing sparkling water with special flavors. The calorie count is virtually zero since there is no sweetener and nothing else added. This is ideal for a non-fattening refreshing drink that also benefits your digestive system. The taste is light and you will find varieties with peach, lemon, grapefruit, pear and ginger and more. When you miss a wine spritzer, you can actually have Sparkling Bitters and refresh yourself.

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La Croix Sparkling Water

This US-sourced water is infused with fruit flavors obtained from natural fruit oils, with no sugar and no other sweeteners. As for the nutrition facts, you get zero for fats, zero for carbs, protein, and sodium. Therefore, it’s zero calories, too. This is ideally refreshing and hydrating, curbing your appetite for sodas.

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Tickle Water

This unsweetened sparkler is usually marketed as a healthy drink for children. It has zero calories, is free from sodium, sweeteners, gluten and preservatives. As the name suggest, it’s water with bubbles, which, along with the delicate flavor, makes it easily become a favorite of kids. We know how hard it is to keep children away from unhealthy and fattening sweet drinks such as soda; therefore, it’s good to have a lighter alternative that does them no harm.

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Don’t fall into the trap of so-called ‘zero-calorie’ or ‘sugar-free’ regular soda. The big and easy-to-reach brands are not exactly concerned with your health. Instead, these niche products tick all the boxes and provide a safer alternative to fattening drinks.

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